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Understanding how to correctly use Harvard Referencing forms a key part of your studies. Over time you may need to reference adverts, books and conference papers. The University has produced a Harvard Referencing Handbook to assist you with this core element of undergraduate academic practice.

Harvard Referencing Handbook 2nd Edition

Harvard Referencing Handbook

The guide is available as a:

  • Free handbook – pick up your copy from the Library help-desk
  • PDF download (2nd edition)

Please do download the PDF guide to your computer and the highly useful app to your mobile device.

Harvard Referencing Tutorial

Additionally, take the time to explore this tutorial on Harvard Referencing.

This interactive tutorial will show you how to reference published material in your academic work.

When you have finished the tutorial you should be able to:

  • Understand how and why to use reference systems
  • Indicate other writers’ ideas in your own work using accepted citation style
  • Format appropriate references correctly from these citations
  • Deal with a range of common bibliographic and electronically formatted material

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