LIBS Structure

LIBS Structure

The Lincoln International Business School is one of four Colleges within the University of Lincoln.

Within LIBS there are four departments, which in other colleges, would be known as schools.

Student Roles within the School.

College Officer

The role of the College Officer is to filter information and targets to their School Reps and oversee the work of their Rep team. They will attend various University and College meetings and work closely with the Vice President Academic Affairs.

School Reps

School Reps oversee the work of the Course Reps within their respective School and support them in their role. They will attend various University and College committees and meetings, and should encourage their Course Reps to attend the necessary events, including Rep Forums.

School Reps are invited to co-chair alongside the Head of Department during staff student meetings.

School Reps also focus on encouraging their peers to complete surveys so that feedback within their School is as comprehensive as possible.

Course Reps

Course Reps are at the forefront of the Academic Representation system, working to create positive changes on their course so that every LIBS student has a fulfilling academic experience.

A Course Rep’s role is to gather feedback, ideas and issues from their peers on their course so that they can take them forward to meetings in their Schools, Rep Forums at the SU, and to the relevant University and Students’ Union staff.

They will work closely with their School Rep to play a part in creating an effective, fulfilling academic experience for every student at the University of Lincoln. Course Reps are supported by academics and Students’ Union staff, the Vice President Academic Affairs, and their School Reps and College Officer.