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Online Assessment Centre Success for First Year LIBS Students

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Over 180 first year students studying Business, Management, Marketing and Advertising took part in an assessment centre activity day – online!

As part of the students’ assessment for the Employability and Careers module, the activity day prepares students for placements and life beyond graduation with a campus-based day of work-related tasks and a face to face interview with presentation.

With current social distancing measures in place, the assessment delivery team were determined that high quality, valuable experiences can continue, despite the present circumstances.

To move the assessment centre online, major collaboration with the organisers took place, including teams from Smart-Resourcing-Solutions (SRS), LIBS teaching, LIBS International & Employability, the university careers as well as assessors from industry.

With SRS having only ever piloted the online version previously, this was the first full scale delivery of their new product which utilises several platforms, TopScore for the reporting and Whereby for the interviewing.

Assessment Centre

Students prepared, arriving smartly dressed and on time for their respective online appointment slots, which took place on 28th April 2020 and saw participation from all over the world, including China, Macau and Spain.

Following the day’s activities, students received extensive feedback on their performance with a bespoke report commenting on areas of strength, along with suggestions for improvement.

Many scored top marks, performing at industry expected standard, which is a brilliant achievement for first years.

Joe, a student who took part, said: “I feel the assessment day was brilliant. Those conducting each task were friendly, helpful and constructive.

“As someone who plans on applying for a placement in the near future, I feel this practise could be very valuable, and I hope this feature of the course is continued for future business students so they too may benefit.”

Employability expert Sophie Milliken, MD of Smart Resourcing Solutions, commented: “I have to say, your students have blown me away so far! Every single one has turned up and they’ve been really impressive.”

Our sincere thanks to all those who made this day possible, including the students whose fantastic positivity saw them stepping up to the challenge and making the most of the experience.


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