Four Ways to Improve Your Understanding

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1. Seek advice from your tutors

Your tutors will have office hours specifically dedicated to helping students with academic work. You can use your tutors’ office hours to ask questions about material covered in the module. Tutors will often be willing to look over essay plans or early drafts or discuss your topic with you to help you develop your main points.

Reread the feedback comments on your past assessed and non-assessed work, as a pattern may emerge that you had not previously noticed, and which could help you to improve you work for future assessments.


2. Read

Use the reading lists provided and also try to find review articles in relevant journals to get an idea of the overall picture. As you progress through your degree you will need to increase and widen your reading as your learning becomes more independent. Always remember to reference your work correctly.


3. Practice

In some areas the best way to learn is by practicing. Reading around the different theories and models will demonstrate different ways of managing your work practice. Try them out and reflect upon them.


4. Talk to other students

This may put topics in a different light and allow you to expand the scope of your assessed work by including arguments other than those which you have engaged with. If you are struggling with concepts, other students may be able to explain them to you in a way that you understand. They may also be able to suggest readings that they found useful or relevant.

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